Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is insanity.
- Albert Einstein

About IIBLC®

“IIBLC® wants to offer an objective, independent proof of knowledge and skills in the domain of Lean Strategy to both companies and individuals, and become a world reference through standard certifications.” The programme is universal: it addresses all aspects of Lean: manufacturing, services, healthcare, engineering, etc.

The programme is standard: A book of knowledge is available and the program consists of 3 well-defined levels. The programme has a certification system based on objective criteria (tests) that offers a reference both to the business world (companies) and to the holder. The certificate proves the holder has a certain level of knowledge and skill in accordance with the obtained level.

The programme has a unique high quality level through the involvement of a content committee consisting of internationally recognized experts in the field of Lean, who establish, guard, adapt and actualize the content and this exclusively for this program. The content committee also draws up multiple choice questions for the theoretical exams. Out of the available questions, IIBLC® will then choose at random for every exam.

Why should I get Lean certified?

  • to display proficiency in the subject matter
  • to increase desirability by employers
  • to potentially increase your salary Certification is transferable if you leave a company for another.

Ultimately, certification is a professional decision that can only be made by you. In some cases, it will be required to advance within an organization. In other cases, certification will display your energy and intent to be a leader within a lean company.

Last but not least, your company will be able to prove that they take Lean seriously and that their people have the necessary knowledge and skills.