Lean Certification

The programme is built on a step-by-step approach. This means that a candidate has to pass through the different levels to achieve the Champion certificate.

For the first level a theoretical exam has to be passed, for the other levels both a theoretical exam and a written report of a practical application is required.*

Each level has to take a written proficiency test. Tests are organised centrally by thereto accredited examination centres.
Written tests consist of multiple choice questions and take 2 to 3 hours.
The tests consist of randomly chosen questions which have been drawn up by the content committee and will not be identical to any former test.

For the Black Belt in Lean and Champion in Lean, a written report of a practical application will display competency in hands-on environment. This report needs to be received by IIBLC® within 1 year after taking the successful theoretical test.

The report has to be signed off by the management of the company the application was performed in and with the same signature the management allows IIBLC® to do an on-site audit if it wants to do so. The report will be evaluated by one or more members of the Content Committee who will not be a fellow-citizen.

Reports of practical applications have to be sent to the IIBLC® HQ.

*The only deviation allowed is that, in case the candidate passes the champion theoretical exam within 1 calendar year after his theoretical black belt exam, he is exempt from the practical part of the black belt certificate and can straight pass the practical part for a champion certification.

Schedule for theoretical tests:

 2023 exam schedule

2024 exam dates

For exact dates check the appropriate page of the specific level

IIBLC logo

Three levels and infinite applicability

The IIBLC® company logo reflects the three levels that can be acquired through the colours green, black and gold. Their equal importance in any lean approach is stressed by their equal size. The Torus knot stands for the unlimited fields of application of Lean on the one hand and the synergy among the different levels on the other.

The successful candidate is entitled to call himself/herself

  • Certified Champion in Lean: CChL®
  • Certified Black Belt in Lean: CBBL®
  • Certified Green Belt in Lean: CGBL®