“In the past, I always thought that I had enough lean knowledge, no need certification process, in fact, certification is a way to improve the knowledge systematically, especially through Authoritative organization. I would like to recommend IIBLC®,”
- Pace Qiu - Plant Manager, safety director, lean manager - Outotec (PRC)
“For us the IIBLC® certificates are the perfect tool to assess and develop the Lean knowledge of our Lean coaches. The independent international standard ensures our clients what value they can expect from us. If you want to truly master Lean, you need both theory and practice, and the IIBLC® exams are an important first step in that process.”
- Thomas Van Landeghem, CPIM, CChL - founder and CEO - Veltion (Belgium)
“I greatly endorse the approach of IIBLC® where both theoretical knowledge and practical experience is tested. This is important because the Lean community hasn’t always been able to deliver due to a lack of fully understanding Lean. Fully mastering Lean results in breakthrough results within a short time period, I experience this on a daily basis. ”
- Barry Pappot, CChL - Lean Management Coach - Van Ameyde (Netherlands)
“I am very impressed about how professional is managed the whole process and I am completely sure that this exam is a right parameter to ensure that a person has the basic knowledge needed in Lean. I will continue preparing myself in order to complete the ladder of certifications.”
- Julio Solano R. - Director - Growup (Costa Rica)
“KEMET, nel plant di Pontecchio Marconi, sta applicando le metodologie Lean e da un paio d’anni Advance School ci sta affiancando in questo percorso. Per uniformare le competenze mie e del mio team abbiamo deciso di certificarci io a livello Champion e tutti i miei manager Black Belt. Le certificazioni IIBLC® si basano su un BOK molto completo, con il giusto focus sulla parte delle Human Skills. ”
- Pietro Andreetti, CChL - Sr. Director Film Operations EMEA - KEMET Electronics Corporation
“Ho trovato l’esame di certificazione Green Belt IIBLC® un valido e serio strumento per verificare e completare le mie conoscenze nell’area Lean secondo uno standard internazionale. Per cui ho deciso di continuare il percorso per raggiungere le certificazioni Black Belt e Champion, allo scopo di approfondire e validare le mie competenze nella gestione dei progetti di miglioramento e innovazione in relazione alla strategia aziendale.”
- Paolo Zanetti, CChL - Lean Promotion Officer & Project Manager - Palladio Group
“The exam for Green Belt Certification of IIBLC® was an excellent tool to check and complete my knowledge of Lean, according to an international standard. Now I have decided to validate not only my Lean knowledge but also my Lean skills, therefore I am continuing the certification path to the Black Belt and Champion level.”
- Giovanni Tracanella, CChL - General Manager, CPIM, CSCP, MBA - Lincoln Electric (Italy)
“I recently passed the CGBL and CBBL theoretical tests, and really enjoyed the numerous contacts with the examination centre. This neutral recognition certification of in depth knowledge and experience in lean concepts and techniques, that goes beyond prior education, is highly valuable to me because it provides enhanced credibility towards future customers !”
- Guy Van Herzele, CChL - Managing Director Lean4Food - Belgium
“Currently many managers use the words "green / black belt in lean" in their résumé. For some of them, when they are employed by recognized "lean companies", it is really worth full. Nevertheless, for a majority of them, it doesn't mean anything as their experience in poor performing companies doesn't prove they master lean concepts and tools. Therefore it is of great interest to consider an independent international certification.”
- Xavier Perrin, CFPIM, CIRM, CSCP, CChL - founder and director of XP Consulting (France)
“Goed initiatief om certificatie met betrekking tot lean te ontwikkelen !”
- Maurice Vossen - Managing Director - Visual Solutions& Improvements B.V. (VSI B.V.) (Netherlands)
“J'ai hâte de passer cet examen en septembre!”
- Frédéric Blancke - Production Manager Industrie Pharmaceutique - Belgium
“I passed my CGBL, this june 2010: great certification, great value for money. Thanks very much.”
- Céline Rivierre - Global Sourcing Mgr. - Logitech Europe SA (Switzerland)
“Il était grand temps que l’Europe se réveille. La certification Lean, nous l’avions rêvée. IIBLC l’a fait pour nous.”
- Michel Gavaud - Ancien Président Directeur Géneral - MGCM (France)
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