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How do I register?


Registration for exams goes through the accredited exam/education centres. You can find their details on the exam centres page.

When do I have to register for an exam?


In order to be able to provide all the service needed, we need some time to prepare the exam documentation and get these to all exam centres. Therefore, we have registration deadlines. To know the deadline for your exam centre and your chosen exam date, please contact your exam centre or look at their website. all details concerning the exam centres can be found here.

Can I take an exam in another country?


YES! As a candidate you are free to choose the location where you pass your theoretical tests. This may vary over your curriculum.

Can I go straight to Champion level?


NO! The IIBLC® certification program is a gradual program. This means that you need to go through the different levels if you want to reach the Champion in Lean Certificate.

Do I have to take all the exams to obtain a certificate?


You have to pass the exams associated with the level you want to obtain. You can stop at any level. The exams associated with a certain level are described in the respective pages: Green Belt in LeanBlack Belt in Lean and Champion in Lean and in the general info about the Certification program.

When can I take an exam?


The exam dates are published on the respective pages of the desired level: Green Belt in LeanBlack Belt in Lean and Champion in Lean. You can also find them on the websites of the exam centres.

When do I receive my certificate?


As soon as all the theoretical exams of a certain exam date are processed, we send the results to the exam centre you registered for that particular exam. They will then send it to you. This will include your certificate in case of a positive Green Belt exam. If you passed a theoretical exam for the Black Belt or Champion in Lean, you will only receive a letter with your result and the certificate will be sent to the exam centre you registered for that particular theoretical exam after your practical part has been assessed as satisfactory. It is therefore very important that the exam centre always has your current details!

Who will judge my practical test?


A member of the Content Committee will judge the practical test. However, the judge will never be a fellow countryman of the candidate.

Why is the exam multiple choice?


The theoretical exams are in the form of multiple choice questions to make sure that no interpretation of answers is possible in any way. This kind of questioning ensures a fast, unambiguous method for both answering and correcting the exams. This will also allow us to get your results faster back to you.

How do I know whether I passed?


As soon as we have the results, for either the theoretical or practical test, we send them to the exam centre where you registered for that exam. They then send it to you. You will get a letter with the actual score and, if applicable, your certificate.

Can I view the errors that I made in my exam?


NO! In order to keep the confidentiality of our exams, you will not get detailed feedback per question. However, we give you info on your scoring in the different main domains of the exam.

What does CGBL®, CBBL®, CChL® mean?


Certified Green Belt in Lean, Certified Black Belt in Lean and Certified Champion in Lean.

What if I cannot take the exam I subscribed for?


As far as IIBLC® is concerned, the only valuable reason to be absent on an exam date you registered for, is illness. This has to be confirmed by a medical certificate, signed by a licensed MD.

Why are the exams on the same day in each country?


This allows for the candidate to take the exam in any location and it ensures the confidentiality of the exams.

Where can I obtain the "management declaration form" ?


When entering a report of a practical application for CBBL® or CChL®, trhe paper copies need to be accompanied by an original, signed management declaration.

The standard form to be used, is available via the exam centres on simple demand.

Where do I send the report of my practical application?


This report has to be sent to the IIBLC® HQ. The detailed address can be found on the contact page.

Can I take an exam without following a course/training?


ABSOLUTELY! IIBLC® is an independent certification organisation. We do not deal with training and do not provide training material. Although many organisatrions have developed training based on our Book Of Knowledge (BOK), these are under the full responsability of these organisations and IIBLC® does not explicitly endorse or supporrt training by anyone and therefore can not be held responsible for the result of a candidate who has followed any of these trainings nor for the correctness and/or completeness of said trainings..

I am looking for training before passing an exam. Where do I go?


IIBLC® is a certification organisation. Therefore, we do not provide training or training materials. However, many training organisations have developed specific training based on our Book Of Knowledge (BOK). IIBLC® does NOT interfere with the buildup, content or quality of these trainings. Nor are we responsible. These are local initiatives by the training organisations.

Most of our exam centres offer specific training, but also other organisations. Finally: it is NOT a requirement to follow any training before registering for an exam.

What is the Book Of Knowledge (BOK)?


The IIBLC® Book Of Knowledge (BOK) is the basic document for all (potential) candidates. It contains:

  1. Info on IIBLC® and the programme
  2. Per certification level:
    1. Items candidates are supposed to master
    2. Reference books
    3. For Black Belt and Champion level: requirements for the report practical application
    4. 10 sample questions with answer and explanation
  3. Extended reading list

This BOK is available via our exam centres.

What is the latest/current version of the Book Of Knowledge (BOK)?


Version August 2017 is the current version untill superseded by a new one (not time related).

Where do I get the Book Of Knowledge (BOK)?


The IIBLC® Book Of KNowledge (BOK) is available through our different exam centres for a small fee.

What is the "IIBLC® ID number"?


Upon initial registration with an exam centre, every (potential) candidate receives a unique ID number from IIBLC®. This number identifies the candidate and allows us to treat exams anonimously.

Candidates should remember this ID number as it stays the same forever and is required for registration for further exams and any contact with IIBLC® or its exam centres.

I moved to another country, should I ask for a new ID number?


NO. The ID number is unique for any candidate and remains, once assigned, the same regardless of changes in country, exam level, ...

How does IIBLC® deal with personal data?


IIBLC® has had, has and will always have the utmost respect for people's privacy. Therefore, in accordance with guidelines and regulations of the EU 2016/679 (GDPR), this page describes the different aspects of IIBLC®’s privacy policy regarding collection, handling and storage of personal data.

IIBLC® and GDPR, what about?


IIBLC® does its utmost best to be fully compliant with EU 2016/679 (GDPR) and treats personal data with the utmost respect and security. You can find our privacy statement here.

Furthermore, IIBLC® holds all registers and procedures prescribed by this rule.

I want IIBLC® to "forget" me or a loved one that passed on. What should I do?


Under EU 2016/679 the right to be "forgotten" is an important right of the EU citizen. IIBLC® fully subscribes to this right and has a procedure for this. Please check this page.

Important remark: if you want all your data deleted and subsequently want to take an exam, you will need a new ID number and start the sequence all over again.

I want to become an IIBLC® exam centre for my country/region, what do I do??


If there is NO exam centre in your country/region, we are interested in your application. See page exam centres for more info how to go about it.