Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is insanity.
- Albert Einstein


IIBLC® has moved!

Some impressions of the new location of IIBLC®





IIBLC® 2020 exam dates

Want to make long term planning? The International Independent Board for Lean Certification vzw certification exam dates for 2020 are published. Registration via the exam centres


June exam session results

Results of the International Independent Board for Lean Certification vzw  June exam session for CGBL® and CBBL® are underway to the exam centres...

Congratulations to all succesful candidates! Enjoy the summer and don't forget to register in time for the September session of International Independent Board for Lean Certification vzw CGBL® and CBBL® exams via our exam centres.


Visit at IIBLC® office by Marc Hermo IV

We had the pleasure today of welcoming Mr. Marc Hermo IV of INNOVEO (Manila) to our Antwerp office.

INNOVEO is our partner in the Philippines. You can find their details here.

visit Marc Hermo

Left: Luc Van Landeghem, President IIBLC®                             Right: Marc Hermo IV, Managing Director INNOVEO

Happy Holidays !!

Happy Holidays

New exam centre in China!

Today, Nov. 2nd 2018, we are very happy to be able to announce our new exam centre in Shanghai (PRC): Shanghai Xinnanyangsidianling Education Technology Co., Ltd

LMV-China will be responsible for the Shanghai area.

You can find their details here.

Lean Teamwork

Mr. Barry Pappot, CChL®, has written another interesting article. He describes how a Dutch insurance service provider reached their best performance in just 3 months!

Read the article here.

IIBLC® in the press

On November 9th, Luc Van Landeghem, President of IIBLC®, will have the pleasure of speaking at CCIMBO (Chambre de commerce et d'industrie métropolitaine Bretagne ouest).

In view of this event, an article was published in the "Bretagne Economique". Read the article here.


2019 exam dates now published!

Exam dates for 2019 have been published. You can find the table here or the specific dates for the different levels on their dedicated pages.

CGBL® Certified Green Belt in Lean

CBBL® Certified Black Belt in Lean

CChL® Certified Champion in Lean

Interesting article by Barry Pappot CChL

Mr. Barry Pappot CChL has published an article on the principle of basic stability of processes in service environments.

Click here to read it and download it!