Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is insanity.
- Albert Einstein


IIBLC® is moving to new location

After 5 years of operation in Deurne, IIBLC® is moving to a new location! 
As from April 2nd 2013, our office will be situated in the "Bedrijvencentrum Concentra" in Antwerp.

New address: 
Bedrijvencentrum Concentra 
Katwilgweg 2 
B-2050 Antwerpen 

CGBL, CBBL and CChL are now registered trademarks!

The four-letter abbreviations "CGBL", "CBBL" and "CChL" are now registered trademarks. This adds to their value as only people who are authorized by IIBLC® can use them.

As mentioned on our certificates: people who obtained the certificate are allowed to use the four-letter abbreviations (e.g. on CV, as title behind name, ...). all others need prior approval from IIBLC®. Failing to do so is ground for legal action.

IIE Best Practices in Managing Continuous Improvement

Learn to Manage Continuous Improvement Without Leaving Your Desk!


Get the Basics for Managing Continuous Improvement from Wherever You are in the World


Take in valuable lessons in lean, optimization, Six Sigma and more without leaving your home or office by logging into the IIE Best Practices in Managing Continuous Improvement virtual conference. Hop online for this one-day boot camp to learn how to keep your organization competitive. Presented by the Society for Engineering & Management Systems (SEMS), it will highlight the success and challenges that managers and improvement facilitators face in their global continuous improvement initiatives.


How does a virtual conference work?

A virtual conference is like a daylong webinar ... easy to join and participate in from your desk! You need Internet access to view the slides and ask questions using GoToWebinar®. And for the audio portion, you can either listen online or join by phone. Click here to visit the website and determine whether your computer meets all of the necessary specifications. And if you can't make the entire program, especially those of you west of the Eastern time zone, you'll be able to view the recordings a few weeks after the conference. 

It's too convenient for you to miss a stellar line-up of sessions from these world-class continuous improvement experts!


Ahmed Al-Ashaab, Ph.D. 

LeanPPD Technical Coordinator, Cranfield University





Howard Conroy

Director BDS Industrial Engineering &  Asset Management, The Boeing Company




Peter Hines

Professor and Co-Founder,  Lean Enterprise Research Centre  





Jeffrey K. Liker, Ph.D 

Professor, University of Michigan






Stephen R. Mayfield, Ph.D.

Vice President, Performance Excellence,  Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian


Art Muniz

Senior Staff Manager,  U.S. Industrial Engineering, UPS





Sreekanth Ramakrishnan, Ph.D.

Engineer and Scientist, IBM Corp.   






Durward K. Sobek II, Ph.D.

Professor, Montana State University





Joan Tafoya

Senior Principal Engineer, Intel


No travel, just training.

Log in and learn on November 14, but register today! 


First CChL Certified Champion in Lean in Belgium

On Aug. 6th, the first CChL Certified Champion in Lean certificate has been awarded to Mr. Guy Van Herzele.

This makes him the first CChL in Belgium!

New Book Of Knowledge (ed. June 2012)

The Book Of Knowledge (BOK) version June 2012 is now available for sale via our exam centres.

It contains:

  • General info about the programme
  • Specific topics per level
  • References
  • Sample questions per level

It replaces all previous versions and, as from now, is only available in hard copy.

Contact your nearest exam centre (details here) to get your copy!!

Problems reaching website on May 24th

On May 24th, you might have encountered problems when trying to reach our site. This was due to a problem on the hostserver side. These problems should be resolved now. Our apologies for any inconvenience!

First CGBL Certified Green Belt in Lean in Portugal

During the March 17th exam, Mr. Antonio AMARO, from Portugal, obtained the CGBL Certified Green Belt in Lean certificate. He passed his exam in Madrid via the Centro Español de Logística (CEL).

This makes him the first Lean certified candidate in Portugal. Congratulations!

Ongoing surge in demand for CI talent

As the economy continues to heal, post-recession demand for continuous improvement talent persists strongly, according to the latest study of almost 7,100 recent Internet job postings reviewed by The Avery Point Group. The executive search firm's eighth annual study found that the combined demand for Lean and Six Sigma talent has more than doubled, rising more than 103 percent over 2010 recessionary levels and 6 percent ahead of last year's strong talent demand levels.

"This year's study clearly illustrated there is strong ongoing demand for continuous improvement skills ahead of the broader economic recovery," states Tim Noble, managing principal and partner of The Avery Point Group. "However, within that ongoing surge for continuous improvement talent we are beginning to see a very clear and accelerated trend in the demand for Lean skills versus Six Sigma that may also indicate a decoupling of the two initiatives in relation to job requirements."

Based on this year's study, The Avery Point Group found that demand for Lean talent has accelerated at its fastest year-over-year pace in the eight-year history of the study as the more desired skill set over Six Sigma. This year's study showed that Lean talent demand now exceeds Six Sigma by almost 68 percent, almost doubling its lead over last year's results that only showed a 35 percent edge for Lean over Six Sigma.

Overall, the continued rise in talent demand for Lean bodes well for candidates who possess those skills, as organizations seek them out as either a hedge against current economic uncertainty or as an enabler to leverage the emerging economic recovery. Thanks to the international independent certification programme of IIBLCyou can prove your present or future company and others that you master the necessary knowledge and skills in Lean.

Lean is everything, or nothing

Everybody knows Lean, but not everyone applies it like they should. "The real challenge is to have the patience to reach fundamental improvements."

In this article from the 'Kwaliteitskrant', december 2011 edition (in dutch), both Luc Van Landeghem, president of IIBLC, and Hendrik Van Landeghem, professor at the Ghent university, give their opinion about Lean.

Factories of the Future: strategic roadmap for European productivity

In order to face the challenge of the global competition, the European manufacturing industry will increasingly be forced to concentrate on specific issues providing a large competitive advantage through long-term innovation at the factory level.

A key factor to strengthen European leadership in product and process engineering and in the development of manufacturing systems, both discrete and continuous, will be the ability to achieve cost efficiency, high performance and enhanced robustness, in a context of increasing product variability and continuously changing product volumes.

In the present scenario of global market competition, the R&D challenges to achieve a higher competitiveness of the manufacturing systems should be considered in terms of general evolution drivers, such as cost efficiency, with extensive adoption of standards in production machinery, equipment and controls and massive use of the lean approach.

The entire strategic roadmap can be found in the document "Factories of the Future ppp".